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Serving her community

Lisa Catall of Rite Aid sees room to help patients more through medication therapy management When Bhavesh Dhabliwala walked into his neighborhood Rite Aid last November, he just wanted something for his gas pain.  But if he hadn’t met pharmacist … Continue reading

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The art of persuasion

Director of Mayo Vaccine Research Group calls for new approaches to vaccine education A Google search using the terms “vaccines, information, reactions” will return countless stories about the injuries, and in some cases deaths, parents attribute to childhood immunizations.  These … Continue reading

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Seeking a continent’s history in its DNA

Anthropologist finds clues to agriculture, malaria, lactose tolerance, and pygmies’ stature in Africans’ genes. Sarah Tishkoff, Ph.D., has lost count of the trips she’s made to Africa since 2001 to study the continent’s genetic history. “By looking at your blood,” … Continue reading

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Office space

Not hitting it off with your co-workers? You might need to take a step back. Whether it’s a co-worker who bulldozes us during staff meetings or shoots down every new idea, or several colleagues who make up a clique outsiders … Continue reading

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Runge devotes storied career to the disenfranchised

Barriers cleared for women, black, employee community pharmacists. Taking office as President of APhA in 1979, Mary Munson Runge said her goal was to increase membership among women, minority, and employee pharmacists. Runge knew a thing or two about all … Continue reading

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